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String Orchestra (MYSO)

Moreton Youth String Orchestra (MYSO), formerly Pine Rivers Area String Orchestra (PRASO), was formed in 1996 by Timo Jarvela to promote string playing in the Pine Rivers Shire.
The orchestra was created at a time when string programs were small and existed in only a few schools in the shire.
PRASO brought together players from the various schools, allowing them to experience large-ensemble playing and new repertoire, and provided an environment in which friendships could develop.
MYSO is under the conductorship of Mrs. Jenni Barnard.


Mondays 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

(excluding Queensland Government gazetted pupil free days, public and school holidays)

(please arrive 15 minutes prior for tuning)

Living Faith Lutheran Primary School

 50-60 Brays Road, Murrumba Downs Queensland 4503.

MYSO camp 2017
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