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 Fees, donations and payments.

The MYME annual membership fee is $250.00 per participant. (Discounts no longer apply).

For multiple immediate family members, the full annual fee attracts a 15% discount. 

(Maximum 3. No fee required for 4th or subsequent family members)

Each invoice will also attract a 3% administration fee.

The annual fee covers participation in any MYME ensemble that you qualify for.

Pro-rata fees apply for mid-term/semester e.g., if you join in term 2, $195.00 is payable, term 3 - $130.00, term 4 - $65.00). 

Fees are non-refundable or transferable and apply for the calendar year in which they are paid.

A formal uniform shirt is supplied to relevant ensembles only, which is to be returned at the end of your time with us.

A one-off polo shirt is supplied to each financial member for you to keep. (Limited sizes only, so may not apply to older members).

Additional / replacement items may be purchased upon application.

All fees are to be paid by the due date and as per instruction on invoices.

You may pay fees using PayPal or direct debit facility.

Donations to our organisation at any time are welcome using the PayPal button below.

Moreton Youth Music Ensembles.

Bendigo Bank: -   

BSB           633000  

Account:  180086662   

using your invoice number as reference

(If donating, please use your surname or company name as reference).

Cash or cheque (Please make cheques payable to Moreton Youth Music Ensembles Inc.), payments MUST be deposited by the payer at any Bendigo Bank Branch using invoice number as reference. Cash or cheques cannot be accepted by ensemble staff.

Invoices will be updated reflecting payments, once verification of payment is made.

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